Celebrity Impersonator Tracey Bell

Tracey Bell, Comedian, Actor, Celebrity, Philanthropist

After first performing as Tina Turner in the early 90s, she has continued to perform thousands of acts all over the world. Bell has impersonated dozens of celebrities, most of them being vivacious women in the performing arts world.

And she’s good at it too. In the past, she earned the title of Entertainer of the Year from outlets including the Canadian Special Event Industry and the BC Event Industry Awards. Bell has also guest-starred on television shows and in ’97, she even dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and sang Happy Birthday to former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau!

With such a positive and enthusiastic onstage presence, she wants to stress the importance of having confidence in oneself.

“Fear needs to be dissolved. We just need to remember courage. Courage comes from our hearts. And let’s celebrate how fabulous we are as artists and performers.” – Tracey Bell


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