Hi, I’m the owner and co-founder of Whitehall Rowing and Sail and the designer of the Oar Board® rower that fits onto a stand up paddle board and converts it into sculling rowboat. 
One thing I really enjoy about Rowing with the Oar Board® is getting out in fresh clean air and how it keeps me so fit!

Research has shown that we can stay in great shape indefinitely as we age with low impact, high benefit exercise done on a regular basis.

There’s no better exercise in the world than rowing a good sculling rig like the Oar Board® because it utilizes around 90 percent of the body’s muscles with little to no strain on the joints or connective tissues.

I find that I have much more energy after a row than when I started out.

And one of my greatest pleasures is pulling up on a deserted beach just to have a look around before heading back to my regular day.


Harold Aune rowing the Oar Board® in Silva Bay.


Easily row the Oar Board® right up on to the beach.


Designing and producing the Oar Board® fit-on-top rowing unit has satisfied one of my lifetime goals of making rowing available to everyone.


About the Author: Harold Aune

Harold loves rowing, sailing, diving, paddling, and anything water related. He co-founded Whitehall Rowing & Sail with Marie in 1987. Together they founded the Whitehall Spirit® product line which now includes the Oar Board®. Read more on Harold at HaroldAune.ca “I’ve designed and produced a lot of boats and equipment over the years. The Oar Board has been the most gratifying project so far.”

Originally published June 20, 2018 by Harold Aune, oarboard.com