Google Ads Setup 100

Google Ads Setup 100


What Does Google Ads Setup 100 Include?

We will get you started with a Text or Responsive Search Ad Campaign in your existing or new Google Ads Account.

The Fine Print

Google Ads Setup 100 does not include custom photography or video, or the purchase of stock photos or custom designed graphics used in order to possible complete your Google Ads. If custom or stock images, videos or graphics are needed by the Ads owner, those elements can be added for an extra charge or fee. Google Ads Setup 100 may not include adjustments to eCommerce or website shopping functionality, or connecting your Google Ads account to other valuable Google Tools and Resources. If you want or need an eCommerce website, and to connect with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, and more, please contact us to discuss your specific website and Ads or Marketing needs.


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